There are no ready-made solutions in the world of (emergency) power generation, but Topec International can help you determine the best system for your specific situation. Our international team has extensive experience and will propose a solution that optimally aligns with your ambitions. From concept and engineering to installation and project management: Topec International provides all-in-one energy solutions.



Our solutions include:

  • Engine-generator sets (gensets)
  • Containers
  • Control systems
  • Power packs
  • High-voltage distributors
  • Low-voltage distributors
  • Cogeneration
  • Transformers
  • kWh contracts
  • PV systems
  • Batteries

Whether you’re in the food & beverage industry or any other field: your business is only as reliable as its power supply. A Topec International (emergency) power solution will keep you going strong.

Our (emergency) power solutions are a perfect match for any situation that requires continuity. We specialize in generating, managing, and distributing electric power and emergency power.


Electric power generation



In areas with abundant sunshine or wind, sustainable energy sources can be an excellent supplement to traditional energy solutions. Hybrid networks reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions considerably, which reduces costs.

The main advantages of diesel gensets are their raw power and reliability. And how better to cement those benefits than by configuring diesel generators in sets. For this reason, our systems generally include more than one diesel generator, but the design ultimately depends on your specific preferences and energy requirements.





Natural gas generators are known for their efficiency. Whereas diesel gensets are only 29% efficient, natural gas gensets can realistically achieve 48%. This makes natural gas generators an attractive budget-friendly option. Their low maintenance requirements further enhance this reputation. Gas generators are also easier on the environment than diesel alternatives.

Dual fuel combines the benefits of diesel and natural gas. Here, a powerful diesel-fueled generator is supplemented by a natural gas generator. A great match that reduces fuel costs by up to 60% and taxes the environment less.


Dual fuel


Power management

An energy network (microgrid) combines multiple energy sources (natural gas, diesel, solar, and battery storage). These sources are controlled independently and flawlessly mixed so that the system works in harmony. The outcome: maximum reliability with minimum fuel consumption. The power management is cleverly automated with operating systems and software. And Topec International designs, installs and services some of the best power management systems in the business.

Sustainability: the hybrid microgrid

We are becoming increasingly dependent on our energy supply. Our economy would grind to a halt without power, as would your business. Processes would abruptly stop. We are also becoming more conscious of sustainability. Topec International addresses both topics with a revolutionary new energy solution: microgrids. Microgrids are small energy networks in which self-sufficiency and renewable energy sources feature large.

One of the microgrid’s main components is the PV module: photovoltaic solar panels. These have become so advanced in recent years that, under ideal circumstances, they can provide 20 percent of your energy needs. Combined with traditional energy solutions, they form a highly effective hybrid network. We use a combination of energy sources in our power management system and combine the best of both worlds: the low fuel costs and minimal maintenance requirements of sustainable sources and the reliability of traditional energy sources. And always: a supremely stable network.

The microgrid works as follows. On sunny days, the PV modules generate their peak output. They produce more electricity than you need. But this excess energy is never wasted; it is stored in batteries or used to relieve the generator. This can add up to substantial fuel savings. And when it’s cloudy, the generator picks up the slack.

Hydrogen gensets: they’re on the way. Globally renowned Pon Power subsidiary Caterpillar has advanced hydrogen gensets in the works that Topec International will soon add to its portfolio. A sustainable solution, as hydrogen does not emit harmful greenhouse gasses.


Green innovation: hydrogen gensets



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