Our energy keeps you running. Literally. Because without an energy source, your business would be in acute danger. Topec International will not let that happen. Our on-site teams keep your energy installations in perfect shape. Or rely on our service hub engineers; they can be at your location before you know it. At Topec, service is not a department; it’s an institution.





Service is our core business at Topec, whether you require technical support, maintenance and repairs, or on-premise intervention. Thanks to our combination of service hubs and parts warehouses, we can dispatch support technicians to your location whenever required. Always equipped with the right parts, knowledge, and tools. Topec International is also known for supporting large-scale installations with permanent, on-site teams. These teams ensure your day-to-day energy needs are met and perform all necessary maintenance and repairs. Topec International ranks among a select group of suppliers that offers this level of support. Because you can’t overdo quality.

Service hubs

Quick response times have to be a given, and thanks to our eight local service hubs across Nigeria, we can dispatch our experts to your location in no time. To guarantee 24/7 power for the famous Heineken breweries (Nigerian Breweries), Topec International set up complete operations teams in 7 locations. FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, also relies on Topec for 24/7 operational service.

The power of unburdening: Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

A power plant represents a substantial investment, we know. So Topec International also offers intelligent financing options. Choose our PPAs, short for Power Purchase Agreements, for the ultimate in unburdening. Simply sign a multi-year contract, and we take care of the rest. We don’t just deliver a power plant; we operate and maintain it. All you pay is a fixed kWh rate. Easy and transparent.

Topec International: frontrunner in PPAs

Sometimes the best things in life come easy. PPAs are a relatively new and hugely popular form of financing, and Topec International is proud to be among a select group of providers to offer them. A PPA puts you in firm control of your energy costs. It truly is an all-in-one solution that gives your business the level of stability these challenging times call for.


Financing (PPA)



Every company is different, and so is every (emergency) power requirement. Our engineers translate your specific needs and preferences into a custom design. They zoom in on every aspect - from the control system and transformers to the cooling and flue gas systems – to determine the best fit for your specific situation. And we always use high-quality components and materials, which Pon largely develops and manufactures in-house based on extensive expertise.

In-house innovation

Topec’s latest in-house project is aimed at improving the efficiency of natural gas motors. Thanks to clever software, we can increase the yield of gas generators and achieve fuel saving up to 10%.

Our service doesn’t stop after delivery and installation; we also commission your installation. This involves thoroughly testing the entire system for safety, capacity, and functionality. We build your energy solution in the Netherlands, disassemble and ship it, and reassemble the system at your location. After completing our tests and final configurations, your power system is ready for use.





The power system is an essential part of your business. We will have your installation up and running in no time with high-quality replacement parts. And thanks to Topec’s network of strategically located regional warehouses, the right part is just a phone call away.



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